Addiction to prescription drugs is just as widespread and damaging as addiction to illegal drugs, and has a serious impact on the lives of those addicted.

Prescription drug addiction can be successfully treated through a comprehensive rehab plan which includes consultant psychiatrist caredetox, medical treatment, psychotherapy and complementary therapies. As with all addictions, the sooner the problem is treated, the better.

Detox from prescription drugs can be complicated and often requires a period of detoxification under close medical supervision.

At Castle Craig residential rehab clinic our expert medical team have years of experience in managing complex detoxification from prescription drugs in safety and with minimal discomfort. Because our treatment is residential and located on the same site, patients are able to detox while simultaneously engaging in the rest of our treatment programme.

How Does Castle Craig Treat Prescription Drug Addiction?

Every patient who enters treatment for prescription drug addiction is given a personalised treatment plan by one of our Consultant Psychiatrists. This plan follows the Castle Craig treatment model which is based on a combination of 12 Step facilitation, medical treatment, psychiatric care and specialised therapies such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT)individual therapygroup therapytrauma therapyfamily counselling, and a number of complementary therapies.

More Detailed Information on Specific Prescription Drug Addictions: